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Frontiers in Management Research

Shopsmart: International Market Expansion of an African Retailer

Download PDF (349.4 KB) PP. 12 - 21 Pub. Date: January 4, 2017

DOI: 10.22606/fmr.2017.11003


  • Jay van Wyk*
    Department of Management & Marketing, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg Kansas


The primary subject matter of this case concerns international business focusing on market selection. Secondary issues pertain to the internationalization of an emerging market multinational enterprise; the neglected study of African business; and the global retail sector. The case is appropriate for first year graduate students. The case is designed to be taught in one lecture meeting (two and a half hours) and is expected to require two hours of outside preparation by students.


Africa, internationalization, retail, market selection, multinational enterprise, South Africa


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