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Frontiers in Management Research

Research on Exploration Tourism Resources Development in Western Sichuan Based on RMP Analysis

Download PDF (379.1 KB) PP. 38 - 43 Pub. Date: April 2, 2020

DOI: 10.22606/fmr.2020.42003


  • Chi Panpan*
    School of Management, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China


Adventure tourism is one of the most popular forms of tourism. This paper takes western Sichuan as an example, adopts the research methods of literature, questionnaire, logic analysis and so on. And applies RMP theory to analyze the resources, market and products of exploration tourism development in western Sichuan.This paper puts forward the specific ideas of exploration tourism development in western Sichuan: based on spacal resource, put market demand as the guide and the adventure, excitement, entertainment as the main line to carry out theme, type, function and form innovation. In addition,establish the exploration project, exploration depth exploration project and cultural products project three sales tourism brand. Based on this, the author designs and puts forward some strategies for adventure tourism development in western Sichuan. It provides reference basis for realizing healthy and long-term development and adventure tourism development in western Sichuan.


RMP analysis, adventure tourism, western Sichuan, the development of research


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