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The Pains of Sexual Abuse and the Efficacy of Psychotherapy in Treating Psychological Distress in a Sexual Abuse Victim

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DOI: 10.22606/pra.2019.11001

Dauda Akwai Saleh
Department of Psychology, Plateau State University Bokkos, Nigeria
This study investigates the pains of sexual abuse and the efficacy of psychotherapy in treating psychological distress in a 22 year old undergraduate student who was sexually abused between ages 7 and 9. Single case pre/post test experimental design utilizing a mixed method using qualitative and quantitative approach was utilized in this study. The study lasted for 13 sessions of psychotherapy. All data were manually analysed, client’s raw scores were compared with the mean scores/cut-off points of instruments of data collection. Two research questions were answered in this study; Pre test result revealed that, based on SCL-90, participant had significant levels of psychological distress on 9 sub scales with the total score of 218, depression had the highest score of 40, followed by anxiety with 31, Interpersonal sensitivity 29, Obsessive compulsive 23, Phobic anxiety 23, Psychoticism 21, Paranoid ideation 17, Neuroticism 11 and Hostility 10. On PCL- S, participant’s score of 54 is significant for the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder. The score of 28 on Beck Depression inventory indicate moderate level of depression. While on Beck Hopelessness scale, the score of 5 indicate mild level of hopelessness. Result of the second research question (post-test) after the 10 session of psychotherapy revealed that, participants scores on all instruments reduced; On SCL-90; only 3 subscales were significant with lower scores compared to results of pre test, Obsessive compulsive 21, Interpersonal sensitivity 17, and Paranoid ideation 16, with the total SCL-90 score of 100.On PCL- S participants score of 32 indicate absence of PTSD. Participant’s score of 9 and 0 onBeck depression inventory and Beck Hopelessness scale falls within the normal/minimal levels ofdepression and hopelessness respectively. The researcher recommends that, parents and care giversshould be cautions of those who take care of their wards and the child act right should beimplemented in all states of the federation. There is the need for awareness in schools and amongwomen groups on sexual abuse among children.
Pains, sexual abuse, efficacy, psychotherapy, treating, psychological distress
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